20 Paper Clip Hacks for Survival and Everyday Uses

20 Paper Clip Hacks for Survival and Everyday Uses | Camping Genius Videos

Paper clips were used to simply hold papers together however, aside from this function, it has 19 other uses which can come in handy anytime. Who would’ve though this tiny piece of steel wire can do so much?

For starters, it can be used for zippers with a broken tab (this is definitely brilliant); substitute for a lost button; little hook; keyring; and can even help make it easier to clean spray paint clogs or punch holes in fabrics as a needle — but that’s not all!

Paper clips can be also used as a compass; help in sealing open-end bags and can even serve as a safety clip. Other uses include micro screwdriver, keep a rolled-up sleeve/jeans in place, buckle brake, electric tape edge mark, security lock for dual zippers, Hercules clips, cable ties, webcam cover, cellphone stand, and can secure two zippers even without any lock. Lastly, aside from being used as a normal paper clip, it can pick a lock.

So, a big shout-out to whoever made this versatile little instrument. I guess I’d have to bring one or two next time!