7 Lesser Known Yet AWESOME Uses of Vicks VapoRub

7 Lesser Known Yet AWESOME Uses of Vicks VapoRub | Camping Genius Videos

This Salve Saves The Day!

Remember when we were kids and we had cough and colds? One of the worst things about it was the stuffy nose or nasal congestion. Ugh, not only was it so uncomfortable but it forced you to breathe through your mouth and possibly develop sore throat in the process. But alas, Mom grabs the Vicks VapoRub from the medicine cabinet, spreads and massages the rub into our chests and the relief was almost always instant.

That’s a pretty familiar scenario for all of us but did you know that this topical ointment has more uses than just de-congestion? Yes, you might want to always keep one bottle in stock because you’ll never know when it’ll come in handy:

1. Muscle ache and soreness: Apply a generous amount of Vicks on your sore muscles and massage gently. This will help increase blood circulation to the area and thus, give temporary relief. You’re guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep from this!

2. Headache: Sometimes, it’s simple headache but when you’re stressed out from work, you might feel pain that runs from your forehead to your cheekbones and even on your nose bridge which could worsen with straining. Some people prefer painkillers for this but since Vicks has analgesic properties, you can rub it on your temples and softly massage towards your forehead and vice versa. The scent will also help in clearing the airways through the nose.

3. Bug bites: Especially the minute menace that is the mosquito, they HATE the menthol scent. Apply small dabs on your skin and clothing. Even if you get bitten, you can put some on the area and avoid scratching as much as possible.

4. Cracked heels: These are often caused by dry patches of skin and calluses around your heel. It may be due to various factors: over-activity or prolonged standing. Either way, cracked heels are not just annoying to look at but they can also be very uncomfortable. Rub and massage the ointment on the balls of your feet and heel. This can also relieve any pain. Cover it with socks as you sleep and just wash with warm water the next morning.

5. Nasty toenail fungus: It may be quite common but the discoloration and thickening of the edge of your nail can be painful for some. Rub Vicks on the affected toenails a couple of times per day for two weeks. The nail may darken in color but it’s just the effect of the ointment on the fungus. Don’t worry since your nail will still grow and the dark part will eventually be removed.

6. Pet problems: Cats will scratch at anything and dogs will too — from furniture to doors and closets. To stop them from doing this, you have two options: open a jar of Vicks near the area or rub some on wherever you want them to stay away from (like the couch). Pets don’t like the mentholated smell.

7. Cuts and bruises: For fresh bruises, apply a small dab directly on it. For cuts, however, clean first with soap and water. When applying the salve, DO NOT PUT DIRECTLY on the open cut or wound. Instead, rub it around.

Who knew that this little bottle can do so much? So whether you’re at home, at work or especially when camping or hiking; it’s best to have Vicks VapoRub in your bag. It’s handy, cheap and multi-purpose.