7 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life

7 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life | Camping Genius Videos

If anything, it’s important to ALWAYS BE PREPARED. It doesn’t matter whether you’re camping, hiking, sleeping outdoors overnight or just staying at home; disaster can strike ANY TIME. It could be power outage due to storm, earthquake and other catastrophes. Imagine groping your way in the dark, or needing clean water to drink, or just trying to find the right direction. No matter what it is, knowing a few life hacks and tricks can help you with survival.


number-one- When you need a little more light than what a candle can offer, grab an empty soda can. Cut open the sides (be careful in doing this!), fold them in an outward manner and place the candle inside. The reflective surface will not only produce a better and warmer glow but also protect it from the elements.


number2c If you’re in need of clean water, grab a piece of cloth and two containers. Run the cloth from the container with dirty water to the empty one. This will yield you a filtered and muck-free water. BUT don’t forget to boil as an added precaution.


number3-300x300 Cooking with less time and effort? Place charcoal into the empty slots of an egg carton. Just seal it and light one corner. Voila!


Please pass the marshmallows!


img-thing In repelling those pesky mosquitoes, sprinkle basil or drop rosemary into the burning coal on your egg carton. Who knew that bugs hate herbs?!


number-5 To make a solar microwave, grab a small food box (preferably empty cereal boxes) and cut out a fold. Wrap the top and inner area with aluminum foil. Place your sandwich or hotdog inside and wait for a few minutes.

Yum! I’m totally digging this grilled cheese!


6NumberSixInCircle Lost without a compass? Rub a small sliver of metal (like needle) against your clothes. Do it a couple of times. Grab a leaf, place the needle on it, and let it float in water. It will point you towards the north direction.


number-sevenIn creating an emergency oil lamp, you’ll need old cloth, empty soda can and olive oil. First, bundle up the cloth. Second, fill half of the soda can with olive oil. Then, place the cloth into the can and light it. This lamp can last for hours!




Learning these emergency skills can always come in handy whether it’s at home, at work or during vacation.