9 OUTRAGEOUS Cabins You Have To See To Believe

9 OUTRAGEOUS Cabins You Have To See To Believe | Camping Genius Videos

There Is Camping And Then There Is THIS!

We get it. Not everyone loves to camp in the traditional sense, meaning, whip out a tent, set it up and rough it for a few days. It’s dirty, you’ve got bugs around you and some people simply don’t dig it. In this case, if you like being outdoors and secluded, you might opt for renting a cabin. They’re more comfortable, some are even heated and best of all they shield you from the insects and elements way better than a tent.

Now, some people like their cabins to be bigger, others like a jacuzzi. What we found here however, are cabins that are actually mansions. We qualified them as cabins on the basis of seclusion, being in the wilderness and of course being constructed mostly of logs and/or wood.

Check them out. They’re really something.

1.These folks like the snow, but also a heated pool and fire pit too.



2. Can you imagine the views? So many windows!



3.We all heard of getting lost in the woods, but we bet you can get lost in that house.


4. This house literally glows in the snow.



5. Here’s the interior of one of these places. Wow!



6. This one looks rougher with those logs, but still magnificent.



7.This one is small, but don’t you just want to be there right now?


8.But this is all we really need if you think about it.



9. Unfortunately, most of us can only afford this. (Minecraft, for those of you who are scratching your heads.)



In the end, it’s really about being comfortable. That means different things to different people, but it all depends on the size of your bank account at that point. 😀