11 Pictures Proving Camping With A Dog Is Better

11 Pictures Proving Camping With A Dog Is Better | Camping Genius Videos

It’s Always Better When Your Bud Is Around.

We were trying to look for statistics on the correlation of people who camp and people who have dogs, however, there is not such thing. It does seem though that hikers/campers do tend to have pets, although here at CampingGenius we might be slightly biased when it comes to that assumption.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen people on a summit with their ” best pals,” and it always makes us smile. There’s just something about that companionship and being able to hike with a dog, even if it’s a short tip.

For this reason, we found some cool pictures from around the web that depict that scenario. Also, we added a little video clip at the end too which is pretty awesome. It’s a commercial (we’re not associated with Subaru by the way so it’s not a plug) but they captured dogs and camping in a pretty funny way.

So here we go.

1. They’re just as excited to go camping as you. EVERY TIME!


2. And apparently about morning coffee too.


3. They will always help you carry your gear.


4. Although sometimes you have to carry them IN your gear.


5. They love lunchtime as much as you do (even if it’s not bacon.)



6.They’ll help keep your sleeping bag warm.


7. And sometimes you’ll keep them warm.


8. Yet other times you’ll just keep each other warm.



9. They make you laugh even if they don’t mean to.




10. They down to go where ever you want to go.



11.Best of all, they help you get killer summit pictures.



Hope you enjoyed that collection of pictures. If you have any of your own, drop them in the comment section to share with others.

Now, without further ado, lets have a laugh together.