An Incredible Yet FORBIDDEN Hike You Have To See To Believe

An Incredible Yet FORBIDDEN Hike You Have To See To Believe | Camping Genius Videos

This Is The Most Beautiful Hike Ever.

We’re not telling you that you should go to Hawaii and break their local laws. We’re simply showing you that some really adventurous people out there do it for you and with the help of their GoPros and selfie sticks, you can now tag along with them.

The Ha’ikû Stairs, often called the Stairway to Heaven, were erected during World War II in 1942. They were built when the United States Navy needed to construct a Radio Station to transmit radio signals to the fleet in the Pacific.

We’ll put it out there. We didn’t make this video, so don’t blame us for the music. If it was up to us, we’ll leave the sound of the wind.

The area had the Ko’olau mountain range which offered many peaks, so the Navy chose Ha’ikû valley in order to gain the best altitude for the antenna to be effective.

In order for the personnel to get to the station, the staircase you’ll see in this video was built. By one count, there are 3,922 steps in this structure, so if you wan to do it you better be in shape.

As for hiking there however, you’re really not supposed to. The trail was closed to the public in 1987 due to safety concerns and a guard was posted to this day at the entrance.

Here’s proof that the guard and signs are not very effective though. It’s quite spectacular.