Best DIY Cook Kit for Hiking Wilderness Camping

Best DIY Cook Kit for Hiking Wilderness Camping | Camping Genius Videos

Cooking in the wilderness can be very challenging. Why? For one, it can limit the meal options because of lack of utensils ¬†and equipment (I can name a few but maybe microwave oven tops the list lol). You can’t keep on eating hotdogs and marshmallows just because you can’t bring your entire kitchen outdoors. All it takes is a little patience and creativity to still enjoy your favorite dishes such as oatmeal with cinnamon, breakfast potatoes, campfire chili beans, or even just a cup of aromatic hot chocolate while out camping.

Do you need to pack a lot? Nope.

Do you need plenty of space to cook in? Nope.

So I guess, you’re interested right? Here it is: The DIY Cook Kit.

Inside the kit are the following:

  • Pot made from the World Famous stainless steel cup with¬†fiber glass wrap and wristband
  • Wood Pellet Hobo Stove
  • Nalgene 1 Liter Container
  • Burner for the stove
  • Pop can stove
  • Combination pot stand and windscreen
  • Lid with wood knob
  • Cup cozy
  • Nalgene cozy

As you can see, it’s not bulky but can still manage to cook some of our campfire favorites. I can almost imagine the satisfying smell and sound of cooking outdoors with nothing else but this cook kit. But before you get all excited about what to whip up on your next trip, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Always plan your meals ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than failing to cook a recipe because of ONE lacking ingredient! Also, keep the recipes simple BUT filling.
  • Use frozen water bottles to keep your cooler stay cold for a longer period of time while avoiding messy spillage from melted ice.
  • Pack the food according to date of use. The topmost layer should contain meal ingredients for the first day and so on. This way, it’s organized and there will be no need to keep on opening the cooler.
  • Freeze meat along with marinade so that when it thaws, it will continue on marinating (this is simply brilliant!).
  • Slice and chop before hitting the road and store them in resealable plastic bags (or Ziploc).
  • Aluminum foil will always come in handy.
  • Use cover lids so the food can cook faster.
  • Want to end the camping with a big breakfast? Use all the leftover ingredients when making an omelet. It’ll make your last day of camping memorable and filling!

Quick tip: To avoid any difficulty in cleaning the pots, pour hot water as you eat so that it’ll be ready for clean-up when you’re done.