Cooking Omelets In Ziploc Bag? Yes Please!

Cooking Omelets In Ziploc Bag? Yes Please! | Camping Genius Videos

Camping Cooking Just Got Easier!

You can never go wrong with an omelet. Eat it with friends or alone (I personally prefer the latter lol) any time of the day. Seriously, it’s not just for breakfast. Like when you wake up in the middle of the night craving for some hot, delicious comfort food that you can whip up in minutes — this is the answer. Though it’s very easy to make, it’s NEVER boring. There’s so much variety you can eat omelets everyday and not have the same thing.

But did you know that while Napoleon Bonaparte was travelling in France, he was served with an omelet for dinner and he loved it so much he asked that a huge one be prepared for his army to feast on the next day?

Anyway, this video here offers us a new way of cooking omelets — no sticky pans or messy ovens. Plus, it won’t be soaking in grease. It’s perfect for camping or hiking and you can even let the kids help (cleanup is very easy)! All you need is a Ziploc resealable freezer bag. Zero cooking skills? No problem!