DIY Popcorn Maker for Camping

DIY Popcorn Maker for Camping | Camping Genius Videos

This is a very simple way to create a makeshift popcorn maker if you absolutely need to get your popcorn fix in the middle of the woods. A great quick snack and usually some of the best tasting popcorn is the stove-pop kind anyway. All you need is

  • a flame
  • knife
  • beer can
  • a little cooking oil
  • something to catch the popcorn in.

It’s pretty neat as you will see. As the kernels pop, they actually jump up, hit the flap you created by cutting the can open, and fall right into your plate. So next time you’re outdoors, try this one over the bbq or campfire and see what happens! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to sand off the paint of the can before you do all of this, and then you should be good to go!