Easy Guide To Car Hammock Camping

Easy Guide To Car Hammock Camping | Camping Genius Videos

No tent? No problem! You can camp even in your mini van. It’s convenient and safe. Plus, you don’t need to carry bulky poles. And during lightning or heavy rainfall, staying inside cars is way safer than tents.

Still not convinced?

There are also other benefits when you opt for hammock instead of tents and here are a few of them: you’ll sleep better and wake up feeling more relaxed AND no more searching for THE perfect ground spot. Come on, FLOATING is better than ending up tossing and turning in your sleep because the patch on the ground isn’t that comfy.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Hammock (Do an overhand knot on each end if it’s too long for your car)
  • Rope

That’s it!


Fit one end with the buckle in between the door jam. Go behind the feed to the outside of the car. Pull the strap right through. Bring the other end through the front door. Tie and secure both ends with a knot.

You can adjust the seats to create more space. I’m definitely trying this one!