Fishing with Live Shrimp as Bait

Fishing with Live Shrimp as Bait | Camping Genius Videos

Fishing using live shrimp is extremely popular since it’s a favorite of certain inshore fishes such as flounder, speckled trout and redfish. When all else fails, this is the go-to bait if you want to catch those saltwater fishes. There are those who prefer fresh shrimps while some opt for frozen. IF you’re planning to go on fishing early in the morning while the shops are still closed, it’s best to buy fresh shrimps and just keep them alive overnight. The set-up is easy and you can sleep soundly without worrying about them.


Store them in a cool place in addition to putting an aerator on your bucket. A frozen bottled water or air-conditioner can keep them alive AND kicking!

The fishes wouldn’t really mind if you leave on the shell. Besides, de-shelling not only costs you extra time and effort but will eventually cause the shrimps to turn soggy and may even fall easily off the hook.

You have two choices for the rigging: the carapace or popping cork. For the carapace, avoid the dark spot just behind the shrimp’s horn while for the popping cork, you must take good care not to tear it off.

Have fun fishing!