Floating Tents Mimic Spider Webs- Freaking Awesome!

Floating Tents Mimic Spider Webs- Freaking Awesome! | Camping Genius Videos

Are those tents actually floating? It sure seems like it! What a freaking awesome idea from Tentsile. It’s like a tree house/tent hybrid.. All I know is I want one. You can pretty much launch anywhere there are posts, but what better place than when you go camping!

You figure out how high you want you want to be, and find a way to tie it around the trees or posts. You then tighten the ratchet straps. The tighter you crank it, the stronger and sturdier your tent tree house becomes. There are 3 anchor points. That all you need. The tent will find it’s way naturally as the tension is increased.

Why It’s Genius:

camp_Avoid creepy wild animals that like to slither on the ground (hint: snakes). You don’t have to worry about flooding or mud and sludge when it rains. It’s comfortable and soft since it ain’t touching the hard ground! Get out of reach of potential predators…and zombies. No really. Some preppers will definitely appreciate this. Not only that, but you won’t have to sleep on a cold hard surface like…the ground. Just a great idea 🙂

Check It Out & See It In Action!

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