Guy Rides A Moose, But Did He Deserve THAT?

Guy Rides A Moose, But Did He Deserve THAT? | Camping Genius Videos

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We just found a video that took the internet by storm some time ago. It’s “different” to say the least, but we’re not exactly sure in what way. This is why we’d love for you ladies and gentlemen to give us your thoughts.

During the summer of 2015, a couple of friends took out a boat somewhere in British Columbia. It’s safe to assume that some drinking was involved, because that’s the only way one could explain what happened next.

While in the lake, the guys spotted a moose swimming (or walking actually as it might have been shallow) in the lake in front of them. They pulled up to it and one of these geniuses decided to go for a ride.

Whatever you’re thinking, you’re probably correct. They pulled up right behind the moose and one of the guys jumped on its back and went for a ride.

Now, we’d never do something like that for many reasons, however, it was pretty funny for a lot of people. The Animal Alliance of Canada did not think so however.

They tried to charge the man with animal cruelty and fine him up to $100,000. Due to laws that do not exactly work well together however, there was no way to prosecute him. Now, we don’t exactly condone this kind of behavior simply because you’re unnecessarily bothering wildlife, however, prosecuting the¬†guy? Isn’t that a bit much for someone to go to jail and/or pay a massive fine, especially if the animal wasn’t harmed.

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