Mini BIC Lighter Mods, Survival Key Chain Use

Mini BIC Lighter Mods, Survival Key Chain Use | Camping Genius Videos

When prepping for survival, one of the things to consider is the size of the item. Especially when you’re bringing plenty of things in your kit, the last thing you want is to leave out some because you don’t have space anymore. The key, therefore, is to look for something small yet extremely useful.

This is where the Mini BIC Lighter comes in.

They are compact and can generate spark even if they no longer have butane.

1st Mod: Take a can opener tip and bore out one of the air-intake nostrils. You can make a hole to mount a split ring to allow you to carry it in your survival keychain. Even when you light it up, the split ring won’t easily get hot and you can still hold it for a few seconds. 

2nd Mod: Drill two holes — one in each nostril. This allows you to mount the split ring the other way. You can even wrap it in gorilla tape. It can hold 1 foot supply of duct tape by wrapping the tape around a few times depending on how thick you’re willing to make it.

3rd Mod: Apply the split ring to the top of a white BIC. This can serve as a light diffuser for the camera flash or flashlight. The white light going through the red vinyl tape turns the flashlight into red illumination which is good for night vision preservation. You can also add a nylon wire cable wrap which acts as a lock to avoid wasting any butane.

The Mini BIC Lighter should definitely be included in your survival kit!