Mountaineering: Height Doesn’t Matter

Mountaineering: Height Doesn’t Matter | Camping Genius Videos

Most people would think that mountaineering isn’t for everyone. It’s true, in a way. Climbing those steep and difficult rocks and glaciers require a person to be physically prepared. Being out of shape can create hazards especially in relation to the high altitude. Altitude sickness can cause throbbing headache, weakness, dizziness, and feeling sick to your stomach. You wouldn’t want that when you’re trying to get to the highest point!

But though most would say that the higher the climb, the harder it is; these experienced mountaineers beg to disagree. They believe that highest doesn’t always mean hardest. One example would be Mount Everest which has a peak of 29,029 ft above sea level. It poses as a great challenge and there are plenty of risks associated with the climb such as the weather, wind and possible avalanche. Though most mountaineers use bottled oxygen because of the changing altitude level, there are also those who preferred to climb the top without any use of supplemental oxygen.

Nevertheless, the mountaineers interviewed in this video refer to Mount Everest as just “a hike in the hills” and according to them, with the help of a professional guide, even inexperienced climbers can manage to reach the peak.

One question: would YOU dare?