Open A Can Without An Opener- 2 Different Ways

Open A Can Without An Opener- 2 Different Ways | Camping Genius Videos

Method #1: Use A Spoon

Nothing is worse in life, than being in the woods and not being able to open your can of chili beans. And lets face it, we all forget to bring the can opener. Well, we found a solution for that. All you need is a simple spoon and some muscle. Most cans at the top are pretty darn thin, so you can power right through it as you start grinding it with your spoon.

  • wrap your hand in a cloth or something for comfort
  • start digging away with the spoon on the rim of the can and thin it out
  • puncture a whole for a start point
  • use the spoon to cut through around the top



Method #2: Use Rough Surface (Large Rock)

The other way is just flipping the can upside and grinding that sucker on a sidewalk or hard surface! You we know you’re not going to have a sidewalk out in the middle of nowhere, but you can use a large, gritty rock or boulder nearby. You keep grinding that sucker and try to even out the areas. You will see that the can will start to depress, and there you go! You basically sand away the top part until you can just snap off the lid.


Watch Instructional Video Here

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