Swedish Fire Torch (Self-Fire Feeding Method)

Swedish Fire Torch (Self-Fire Feeding Method) | Camping Genius Videos

Also known as the Canadian Candle, the Swedish Fire Torch is a small and compact means of using one log as fuel to make a fire. Not only is it easy to control but it burns long (about 2-3 hours) because it’s self-fire feeding. This method is a top choice for most campers since it provides warmth and is great for cooking because of its flat surface. In addition, it functions well even in snow.


number-one- Look for a thick log and cut it into four wedges. The gaps will allow free circulation of air, thus feeding oxygen into the fire.




number2c Add tinder into the cuts in a criss-cross manner. Make sure you place them in alternating angles and don’t use large tinder so the torch can burn inside out.




number3-300x300 Add strips of cedar bark with hay on top.



Cedar Bark


img-thing Start the fire with the birch bark. Once the upper layer has been lit, the flames will fall down and ignite the lower layers which will then set fire to the inner part of the log.



                           Birch Bark


number-5Use a piece of fatwood with concentrated amount of sap to allow the fire to burn well.




6NumberSixInCircle Add more fatwood on top and a few pieces of pine tree sap.




number-seven Once all the tinder has burned down, you’ll be left with the burning wedges only.




img-thing (1) Let it burn for a few minutes. Adjust the log to get more air inside the coals while keeping the wedges close to each other to retain the heat. This is the tricky part. After which, you can then start cooking or boiling.




number9 Prop up the pan by adding a few sticks on top of the torch.





1322426021_0 Enjoy your cup of coffee, noodles or soup!