Teardrop Camping on the Open Road with Tiny Trailer

Teardrop Camping on the Open Road with Tiny Trailer | Camping Genius Videos

The basic characteristics of teardrop camper trailer include a space where two adults can sleep comfortably and a kitchen with all the important necessities in the back. They are usually light (about 450 kg) which makes it easy for any type of vehicle to tow them around.

There are several perks to using teardrop trailers:

  • It’s convenient and keeps your things safe since there’s a storage space usually underneath the bed.
  • You can sleep comfortably because it has a mattress and you don’t have to scout for the perfect patch of ground to set it up. Plus, there’ll be no bedbugs to disturb you.
  • Clutter will be kept to a minimum since you can store even small utensils and items such as fishing rods inside the built-in cabinets.
  • There’s a kitchen complete with stove. Whipping up your favorite campfire dish will be a breeze!

Camping is definitely made so much easier!