The Most Underrated Survival Tip

The Most Underrated Survival Tip | Camping Genius Videos

The Number One Survival Tip

This tip might be a no-brainer, but almost every ‘lost in the woods’ story comes back to one major fact. Not letting others know where you’re going. Most of us know how to pack for a short day hike, what to wear, how much water to bring. However, if something was to happen, do we always tell at least 1¬†person¬†where we went?

Here’s a typical scenario. You have a day off an decide to take a short, 2 hour hike nearby. You pack as you always do and head off to clear your head. You think you’re not doing anything extravagant like a seven day mountaineering trip, so telling someone you’re out in the woods is just not something that crosses your head. That’s most likely the case, however, if you got lost or became injured, NOBODY knows where you went. It’s that simple. So, unless you find you’re way back or crawl out of the woods yourself, no one is looking for you for a while.

Here’s are a few simple things you can do:

  • Call/Text Someone-yes, maybe somewhat obvious, but once you reach the trailhead, give a friend, a family member, a coworker a call and simply let them know your plan.
  • Leave a Note– if you live with someone (significant other/roommate), just leave a simple note. If you’re not back soon, they’ll let someone know.
  • Itinerary in the Car-if you forgot to leave a note at home and your phone is dead, just jot down where you’re off to and leave the note in your car. If something was to happen, whoever is looking for you will know where to start.

This is a really good habit to get into. The simplicity of it often makes people forget to do it, or dismiss it all together. Just commit this to memory and hopefully you’ll never be in that situation.

This is the simplest way not to become a statistic. Tell someone where you’re going!

Happy trails.