This Is Rare, But When It Happens You Better Run Fast

This Is Rare, But When It Happens You Better Run Fast | Camping Genius Videos

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Since all of us love camping, we are also big fans of nature and all it has to offer. We enjoy the simple things such as the wind on top of a mountain, the smells of the vegetation and just soak up everything around us. When nature gets angry however, it’s not pretty (well actually this IS pretty, just dangerous.)

Although fires are really necessary while camping for a number of reasons, wild fires are devastating and deadly. We’re not going to preach, but that’s why it’s so important to triple check if you really got that fire out. But what happens when a tornado mixes with a wild fire? We’ll folks, here it is.

Fire tornados are also called fire devils, firenados, fire whirls and fire twisters.

This phenomenon happens when an invisible rotating pocket of air goes over a “core;” in this case a fire. Once it’s sucked up, the fire is fueled by the tornado sucking up debris from the ground, keeping the fire going. They are usually created when a fire is so strong that it creates its own wind which then creates a spinning vortex.

Although they can be deadly, they’re really beautiful to look at from a distance. Let us know what you think.