This Unlikely Duo Has The Cutest Relationship Ever

This Unlikely Duo Has The Cutest Relationship Ever | Camping Genius Videos

You’ve Got To Love This.

Meet Great Dane Kate and deer Pippin. Although these two are a completely different species, their love for each other has stood the test of time. When you see this video you’ll know what we mean.

A photographer from British Columbia, Canada by the name of Isobel Springett has a heart of gold. When she found an abandoned fawn near starvation back in 2008, she decided to help it and brought it home. She fed her powdered milk to help her grow, but then realized that the motherly duties were taken over by her dog Kate. The rest is history.

“We brought it into the house and our dog Kate was on her bed, so we put the fawn beside her for warmth.”-Ms. Springett

As you can imagine, the two bonded and became close friends for the next decade at this point. Although Pippin grew and likes to spend more time outside than in the house, Kate follows her out and they play as if there were no boundaries between them.

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