Tips for Backpack Camping in the Rain

Tips for Backpack Camping in the Rain | Camping Genius Videos

So you’re planning to go camping this weekend. Suddenly, you found out it’s going to rain. Should you cancel and watch TV instead? Or should you brave the wet weather and simply enjoy? I say, if there’s no storm or lightning, go for it. It can be fun staying outdoors when the rain pours and it will be undeniably fun — guaranteed! It’s like playing in the rain — grown-up edition!

Even if it was sunny and warm in the morning and suddenly cold and gloomy in the afternoon, don’t let the water spoil your adventure. Experienced campers understand that weather can be unpredictable and rain showers sometimes pop up out of nowhere.

BUT with the right skills, knowledge and gear; the rain wouldn’t matter. Just remember these useful tips from Kenneth Kramm:


1. Be safe. Follow local recommendations. Use extreme caution if lightning is in the area.

  • Head home.
  • Go indoors.
  • Stay away from trees.
  • Cars are safer than tents.


2. Hike the trails.


3. Bring stove or make campfire. Be careful with fire near your shelter. Campfire is your TV.

  • Ferro rod and knife spine


  • Pine resin may be used as fire starter.


  • Uber match: four strike anywhere matches wrapped with paraffin soaked cotton pad


4. Organize your supplies.

5. Camp on high ground. Otherwise, a brief shower might turn your campsite into a river.

6. Select your tent carefully. Modern tents have bathtub floors that keep the water out. But they will get damp in heavy rainfall.

  • Materials / quality / weight
  • Quick set-up
  • Free standing with bathtub floor
  • Aluminum frame
  • Rainfly with vestibule for gear storage


7. Take tarps.

  • Put rain gear at top of pack for easy access.
  • Construct a tarp shelter that will keep you and your equipment dry while you set-up your tent or hammock.
  • Speed is important.


8. Get a good pack. Consider these factors:

  • Trip length (single day or multi-day)
  • Personal style (comfort vs weight saving)
  • Body type / torso length
  • Materials / quality
  • Right capacity for use
  • Fit your torso
  • Load support
  • Gear accessibility
  • Waterproof zippers

9. Practice survival skills in good weather. Bushcraft skills are perishable.


10. Don’t go if you are afraid of adventure.




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